Feature Ideas

  1. More information about IDIA and IF

    Add IDIA and IF token information to the site, such as circulating supply and total issuance. Add a timer for time until the next unlock of IDIA tokens from early investors.

    gena g
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  2. automatic allocation redemption

    On the side of the project, I think it will not be difficult to implement the functionality that allowed users to reserve funds for the redemption of an allocation. The platform must not reserve funds larger than the user's allocation and allow funds to be reserved for a partial redemption of the allocation. I think it would be convenient for users who would like to redeem but for some reason could not or forgot. It would also be interesting if there was an opportunity for non-redeemed allocations for some reason to give other users the opportunity to do this.

    IGOR K
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  3. Change Tokenomics

    We dont have tokenomics plan that we follow.If we look at tokenomics plan we have its a bullshit, seems like its made just for a tick and has no actual information that reflect the situation. For current moment IDIA tokenomics is bad. It will work only with bigger capitalisation and better market . Lets say IDIA will have the same market cap as DAO maker and will have be fully deluted, it will cost 0.01.For those who supported it in the begining and bought idia for 1-3$ thats bad.It would be great if you implement some kind of burning mechanism or reduce ammount of tokens some how but I'm not asking that becouse its hard decision to make .I'm asking to tighten vesting and its duration so we woulnt have such selling pressure.DO SOMETHING PLZ! p.s we dont know what you are working on

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  4. ATH & ROI of Past Projects

    Please add ATH and the current ROI of past projects on the main page.



  5. Hard to find the feedback page

    Its on the main website. But like when you enter the app section, there's no option to feedback. It would be good to add it there so i can highlight things as and when i discover them. Cheers.

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  6. Change the way to get tokens from "сlaim" to "airdrop"

    I believe that the way to get tokens on all projects should only be "airdrop", not "claim". The main reasons are: -disbalance between those who have a more powerful PC or faster internet "Airdrop" tokens will allow all users to be on equal footing -increased stress at the moment of access to branding coins (I mean, too many technical factors affect the processing speed of a branding transaction, such as blockchain overloading, problem with connection etc.) With "Airdrop" even "a little kid" can just update his wallet and quickly figure out the availability of tokens to maximizing his investment. Also a lot of guys in RU chat raised this theme, most turned out to be "for"

    Ilyakovv β™‘ I
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