Feature Ideas

  1. Error when connect wallet with flatform website

    Look like i cant connect my wallet form my iphone 13. Please fix it please i wanna check my investment

    An hoang v
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  2. LP Reward on a separate page

    This will make the flow clearer, easier to find out the projects giving staking rewards and harder to mix them up with launchpad projects

    Impossible S
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  3. Add support for other languages

    It will help millions of users without knowledge of English to navigate the site easier.

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  4. Dont try to create DEX , create DEX aggregator instead

    I tried swapping on IF and its horrible, there is no lqiuidity at all.Even if i want to get IDIA or IF its much more profitable on 1inch or DODOex.According to my calculations , the difference reaches up to 60% .So, you have to find liquidity by changing or adding something to IF which is hard , or just transform to dex aggregator .

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  5. Highlight the "Explore" and "Manage" buttons

    I found the "Manage" section only after reading the news, I think a lot of users like me did not notice its appearance on the site. I suggest highlighting with color: make a background or outline for the buttons.

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  6. More information about IDIA and IF

    Add IDIA and IF token information to the site, such as circulating supply and total issuance. Add a timer for time until the next unlock of IDIA tokens from early investors.

    gena g
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  7. automatic allocation redemption

    On the side of the project, I think it will not be difficult to implement the functionality that allowed users to reserve funds for the redemption of an allocation. The platform must not reserve funds larger than the user's allocation and allow funds to be reserved for a partial redemption of the allocation. I think it would be convenient for users who would like to redeem but for some reason could not or forgot. It would also be interesting if there was an opportunity for non-redeemed allocations for some reason to give other users the opportunity to do this.

    IGOR K
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  8. ATH & ROI of Past Projects

    Please add ATH and the current ROI of past projects on the main page.



  9. vIDIA holders should be privileged more in IDO

    I think rewarding mechanism of vIDIA is weak, so it is not so attractive. Beside of having rewards, vIDIA holders should be more prioritized.

    Trinh Cong D