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Unstake Button on Manage Page


After checking the Data we were surprised to see how many users were still keeping their IDIA in IDOs that had already finished and therefore found a solution for this.


You can now, at a click of a button, Unstake all IDIA that is on past/finished IDOs.


With this new feature, you can see how much IDIA that is still staked but no longer producing any rewards!


To use this feature, you can go to the Manage page and there will be an Unstake button under IDIA balances information card




If you have idle IDIA, that unstake button will be clickable, and a popup will appear




You can unstake each IDO and once you are finished, it will show another popup, showing the action is complete.




This will make sure your IDIA is never idle, always producing rewards!


Thanks, and see you on the next Patch,


Impossible Team