Sep - Nov, 2022 (1/2) - Launchpad V4, Impossible Quest

New Feature

This is one of our biggest updates yet, so much so, that we will divide it into 2 parts!


This is part 1 of 2 of all the updates that we have been cooking from September to November!


We’ve been working hard these past months to make sure all the new features were ready for release.


From the more Backend focused yet incredibly powerful Launchpad Contract V4 to the popular Impossible Quest, we are happy to say the hard work paid off.

We are now able to offer a much more flexible & secure IDO sale process, while at the same time continuing with our efforts of teaching and bringing Web3 knowledge to all of you


Below you can find all our updates in detail!


Thanks once again for your support and for helping shape ImPossible to a better Launchpad every month!




⌛ Launchpad Contract V4

There were a couple of issues on Launchpad Contract V3 that we wanted to tackle:

  • No Support for Cross-Chain sales → Staking and Purchase had to be on the same chain.
  • No Automatic Vesting - When vesting claim was needed, we had to airdrop manually.


With Launchpad Contract V4,we now can:

  • Cross Chain Allocation → Stake in Chain A, Purchase & Claim in Chain B
  • Support Free Sale → Stake & Claim only (no payment required)
  • Offer 2 additional Vesting claim types:
    • Linear Vesting → A simple per-second release of tokens, linearly from start time to end time.


    • Cliff Vesting → Adjustable date, time & amount of tokens to be released over a period of time.
  • Support up to 10 Years vesting time from the day of purchase ended
  • Support up to 100 Cliff vesting claims w/ varied % released within each claim
  • Non-Adjustable Claim Delay, meaning, the claim delay is no longer editable after purchase ends


You can now understand how powerful of a tool the new Launchpad V4 is, allowing for extreme levels of flexibility while improving the already secure framework of our Launchpad.


And we already have one project using the new Cliff Vesting system: Quoll!


⌛ Impossible Quest

We are thrilled to announce Impossible Quest!


With Impossible Quest you can:

  • Take General Crypto quizzes
  • Take Quizzes about our IDOs
  • Get rewards & special benefits according to your score on Quiz
  • Learn & compete with your friends about who has the most knowledge about Crypto, our IDOs & Impossible Finance

So, if you have any topic that you want us to test the Community in, feel free to let us know, and we might open a Quest for it!






  • Implement KYC requirement mechanism
  • Implement reward mechanism
  • Quest CMS



  • Added FAQ link into the website


Chain Support

  • Deploy & integrate OKC chain



  • Setup AWS’ S3 bucket infrastructure
  • CMS v2 CRUD API creation for tokens & contracts utility




  • FIX: Long network list to now be scrollable on mobile
  • FIX: Various Bug Fixes on Quest Page