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June - August, 2022 - vIDIA & Crosschain IDOs

New Feature

Hey Impossible Community!

June to July was an exciting period for us at Impossible, with some new features being released, including vIDIA, our reward-earning version of IDIA.

We introduced as well the logic to support Cross-Chain IDOs. This will allow much more flexibility going forward as we can incubate projects of any chain, striving to become more & more aligned with our goal of being Chain-Agnostic.

Along with new features, we worked on improving our existing ones as well as squashing some pesky bugs.

One major improvement was on our Management page, where users are now able to do pretty much all actions regarding IDOs (Staking, Purchasing, Claiming).

Check below the full patch notes & thank you for the continuous support!



vIDIA Features

  • Earn Rewards

By holding vIDIA, earn rewards from the fees collected by priority unvesting requests. Users can collect their available rewards at any time as long as they hold vIDIA.

  • Stake in IDOs

vIDIA can be used to stake and participate in IDOs, just like regular IDIA!

*Note: Unlike IDIA, vIDIA cannot be traded or sent between wallets.

Why was vIDIA introduced?

  • ✅ Increase available token types for staking
  • ✅ Improve stability of IDIA before, during & after IDO staking periods
  • ✅ Ensure fairness and equality for all Impossible users

Read more about vIDIA on our Medium post here.

⌛ Cross-Chain IDOs

  • IDOs can now Stake on X Chain and then Purchase/Claim on Y chain
    • Ex. Stake on BNB Chain and Purchase/Claim token on Aurora Chain

⌛ Airdrop Timeline

  • Users can now see the timeline for the upcoming Airdrops of IDOs



  • Added tooltip in Manage Page section IDIA counter
  • Added IF Store link on landing page
  • Added explanation on the whitelist campaign card
  • image
  • Added better UX when user missed an IDO
    • Show the most common causes:
      • Not KYC'd
      • KYC still verifying
      • Failed KYC
      • The sale is Region Restricted
  • FIX: Approve button is not consistent between Purchase and Staking cards
  • FIX: Padding on Timeline component
  • FIX: vIDIA counter of "Staked in Projects" in vIDIA page not showing correctly


  • Manage Page
    • Add quick access to Stake in IDOs
    • Add quick access to open completed IDOs
    • Add quick access to Claim IDOs
    • Add quick access to Purchase IDOs
  • Added toast notification once user vests / unvests vIDIA
  • Add VIDIA token into Account side-bar
  • FIX: Sorting logic on completed projects table
  • FIX: Whitelisted User could not see IDOs on the Account side-bar, under “Live Project”

Chain Support

  • Deploy and integrate Boba chain
  • Deploy and integrate KAVA chain


  • Manage Page
    • Added logic to allow & show multiple Airdrop times
  • Integration with vIDIA smart contract


  • FIX: User was able to Unvest even if the balance was already 0
  • FIX: vIDIA counter was not adding up
  • FIX: Hid connect wallet button once Sale has ended
  • FIX: Claimable reward showing Wei number
  • FIX: Removed scrollbar on unnecessary places
  • FIX: Language selector issue
  • FIX: Metamask sign in toast messages
  • FIX: Past projects cannot be loaded on Manage page
  • FIX: Corrected URL of “Get more VIDIA”
  • FIX: Corrected URL of “How to participate”
  • FIX: Corrected URL of landing page “Step 1”
  • FIX: Corrected URL of FAQ