Feedback & Changelog - We listen to you

New Feature

At Impossible, our main focus is to buidl the best of the best for you, so, it goes without saying that your feedback is important to us.


That is why we are so excited to introduce our ‘What’s New’ widget on our launchpad!


With it you can now:

  • Stay up to date with what’s new
  • Submit your awesome ideas


Along with the Widget, we now have a dedicated channel for you to submit your feedback. In it you can:

  • Upvote ideas that other Penguins have submitted
  • Check on the status of ideas in our roadmap


Stay up to date with what’s new


On our Launchpad, that blue button on the side of your screen looks enticing right?

Go ahead, click it.


You’ll get all the latest updates on what our team is rolling out. We give you quick overviews on all the must know info and you can show us your support by hitting that little emoji.


whats new1



Submit your awesome ideas


Itching for something new? Saw something great that you think we need? Let us know by submitting your idea. Give us a short summary of your idea and how you think it benefits everyone. It’s up to you if you want to categorize it.


Then fill in your name and email address, click consent, and submit your idea!


*Psst* We only use your email to update you on the development of your ideas. No personal information is used otherwise




Upvote other ideas


There's more!

Head over to

At the top of your screen you’ll see a magic wand that says “Ideas'', click on that to get a good view of all the ideas that have been submitted. See one that you like? You can upvote it so our team knows just how good it is.





Check on the status of ideas in our Roadmap 


We know you’re eager to see how our team is working on these ideas. By clicking on “Roadmap” (yup, the one with the map), you can see which ideas are under consideration, planned, in development, and live.




We look forward to hearing from you!


Thanks, and see you on the next Patch,


Impossible Team